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Crawlspace Mold Problems and Solutions in Alabama

Crawlspace Mold in Alabama

Have you started to notice a musty odor in your home? Have your allergies become more severe – coughing, watery eyes, sore throat? If so, there could be a crawlspace mold problem in your home.

It is not uncommon for mold to grow in Alabama crawlspaces. Even though this mold may be i the crawlspace of your home, it can infect the air that you and your family breathes throughout the entire home. That is because air from the crawlspace circulates through the home – up to 40% of air on the first floor comes from the crawlspace. This is due to the fact that air flows from the ground up in homes, known as the “stack effect.”

crawlspace mold problems in AlabamaNow that you know why mold in the crawlspace is a problem, it is time to determine whether or not you have a mold issue in your home. Aside from noticing mold-related symptoms such as shortness of breath, coughing, red eyes, and sore throats, you might also notice signs of mold in your crawlspace or basement itself:

  • Musty odors
  • High levels of humidity
  • Damp walls or floor
  • Condensation on pipes
  • Rotting wood or rusting metal
  • Visible mold or mildew

These are all indications that your crawlspace has a moisture issue that is causing mold growth. If you notice these signs on your home, call Affordable Foundation and Home Repair for a solution right away.

Get Rid of Crawlspace Mold in Your Home

How do we get rid of the mold in your home? First, we use a method called mold soda blasting to strip mold off of all surfaces in your crawlspace. By blasting baking soda at a high-pressure, we are able to remove mold and disinfect the area. The baking soda is both abrasive enough to remove the mold and gentle enough not to harm surfaces.

Once this step is complete, we can install a crawl space vapor barrier. These are made from plastic or foil sheeting designed to keep out water. The vapor barrier is installed along the entire interior of the crawlspace. They can also be paired with interior drainage and surface drainage methods to expel water that has made its way inside. Surface drainage techniques like installing proper downspouts and grading the yard around the foundation reduce the amount of water that can seep inside. Interior drainage with a sump pump system helps remove water during flooding and heavy rains to keep the area dry.

We can find the right solution to remove crawlspace mold from your Alabama home. Call Affordable Foundation and Home Repair to get rid of mold and mildew in your basement or crawlspace in the Birmingham and Huntsville, AL areas.

How to Know if Your Floor Joist Needs Repaired

Look for Floor Joist Problems in Your Alabama Home

Do you have nightmares about your floor caving in and swallowing you and your family? Probably not. However, that does not mean that sinking, sloping floors are not a real possibility in your home. In many cases, a sinking or uneven floor in your home is the result of floor joist problems. The floor joist is the supportive structure that holds up your entire home. If this structure becomes unstable, it can lead to other major structural issues. Fortunately, our floor joist repair options can help.

floor joist problems AlabamaIf you have foundation problems or moisture in your crawlspace, your floor joist is at greater risk of failure. To determine whether or not your floor joists are damaged, look for the following symptoms in your home:

  • Sagging or heaving floor
  • Bouncy or creaking floors
  • Wood rot on floor joists
  • Rust on floor joists
  • Cracks in floor joists

If you have started to notice gaps between your floors and the baseboards, there may be a problem with your floor joists. Also, rust or wood rot in floor joists or the posts that hold the floor joists indicated a moisture issue in your crawlspace. This can lead to weakening of the floor joists and, eventually, a sagging floor.

You should also examine your crawlspace for signs of a moisture problem, as excess moisture is often the cause of floor joist failure. If there is too much moisture in the area, it will start eating away at the beams that support the floor. This will cause them to sag and settle.

If you see any of these issues in your floor joists, contact Affordable Foundation and Home Repair.

Floor Joist Repair Solutions for Alabama Homes

  • : Homeowners with sagging floors due to moisture problems in the crawlspace can count on this solution. For this fix, we install a “sister board” to strengthen and stabilize the floor joists. Replacing floor joists will raise the above floor to its proper height and stabilize it to reduce bounciness and sagging.
  • Floor Supports: Floor joists that cannot handle the weight of the floor and home above might start to sag. If this is the case in your home, we can provide Samson floor supports to stabilize and lift the floor and home. These floor supports are made of steel and have a concrete base to ensure they provide a solid solution.
  • Crawlspace Encapsulation: The above solutions will ensure that your floor is properly supported. However, without protection against moisture, the same issues will likely happen again. That is why it is important to invest in crawlspace encapsulation to reduce crawlspace moisture. This method involves the installation of a plastic or foil barrier that seals out water and water vapor.

All of these solutions can help to protect your home from the trouble that failing floor joists result in. Our team is dedicated to keeping you and your family safe and providing complete solutions for any issues you might have. Call Affordable Foundation and Home Repair today to fix crawlspace beams and posts.

High Crawlspace Humidity and Heat in Alabama

Crawlspace Humidity Problems

Are you looking for ways to make your home safer and healthier? If so, be sure not to neglect the crawlspace – the air you breathe throughout the home comes from the crawlspace, making proper crawlspace care instrumental for a healthy living space. One of the most important things to consider in crawlspace maintenance is the relative humidity – espceially during the warmer months in Alabama. Be sure to measure the humidity in your crawlspace to determine what sort of issues it may have.crawspace humidity alabama
If your crawlspace is excessively humid, it could mean that there is also mold in the crawlspace. Both of these problems could be disastrous for your crawlspace and the rest of your home.

High humidity means excess moisture in the crawlspace. This moisture can start to cause wood rot and metal rust in your crawlspace. If this happens, the floor joists in your crawlspace will become weaker, which could lead to leaning beams and posts in the crawlspace itself and a sagging floor above. This instability can cause other structural problems as well, such as gaps and spaces and cracks in the walls, floor, and ceiling.

If your mold starts to grow in your crawlspace, it can create a different set of issues for you and your family. Because air from the crawlspace cycles throughout the entire home, it is important for crawlspace air to be clean. When there is mold in the crawlspace, the air in that area can become infested with mold spores. This mold-infested air will then travel throughout the home. Mold is dangerous for you and your family to breathe, especially if any one of you has asthma, acute allergies, or another respiratory condition. If you are breathing in air infested with mold spores, you might notice symptoms such as red eyes, wheezing, coughing, rash, and runny nose.

These are just a few of the issues that could result from high crawlspace humidity. Other problems you might see include standing water, damp insulation, water stains, or musty odors.

Causes of and Fixes for Crawlspace Humidity

Finding the right solution for the humidity in your crawlspace starts with knowing the cause. Some common causes of crawlspace humidity include:

  • Bulk Water Leakage: Large amounts of standing water in your crawlspace may be an indicator that there is something wrong with your plumbing or drainage systems. Having your home sitting on top of excessive amounts of moisture and standing water is always dangerous – have any drainage and plumbing issues fixed as soon as possible. If you need an interior or exterior waterproofing system installed, call Affordable Foundation and Home Repair right away. We specialize in all sorts of drainage for your home, from French drains for the foundation walls to sump pumps for the crawlspace interior.
  • Outdoor Air from Vents: In the past, it was always recommended that crawlspaces be vented to help regulate moisture and temperature using outside air. However, bringing in air from outside through crawlspace vents can increase the humidity in the crawlspace. If you have vents in your crawlspace, you probably need to look into crawlspace moisture removal options. One way to keep moisture from affecting your crawlspace is to encapsulate it with a vapor barrier (either plastic or foil sheeting). You may also need to install a dehumidifier in the crawlspace.
  • Moisture from Ground: Even moisture from the ground outside can cause crawlspace moisture problems as it seeps through foundation walls or evaporates into the crawlspace. This excess moisture will raise the humidity level and increase the chances of mold growth. The best solution for this problem is to have a vapor barrier installed with professional crawlspace encapsulation services and to ensure that your waterproofing systems are removing excess moisture from the soil around your foundation.

Once you have discovered the source of the crawlspace moisture and humidity, it is important that you have any traces of mold removed and invest in a repair solution. Here at Affordable Foundation and Home Repair, we can take care of both. We offer professional mold soda blasting to eliminate mold from your crawlspace, as well as crawlspace encapsulation, floor joist supports, crawlspace piers, and crawlspace waterproofing.

Keep an eye on your crawlspace humidity during the hot summer months in Alabama and contact us now for more information on crawlspace repair.

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