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Wall cracks, sticking doors and windows, and uneven concrete surfaces are all signs of slab settlement issues. Slab settlement can be caused by soil-related conditions such as poorly compacted soil, soil shrinkage, erosion or plumbing leaks. No matter what is causing your settlement, a sinking slab can lead to serious structural damage. Most homeowners think that slab removal is the solution, but it can be a costly option. The main issue is caused by soil-related conditions rather than the slab itself. At Affordable Foundation and Home Repair, we offer slab piers as a foundation repair solution for settling slabs for homes and commercial buildings in the Huntsville and Birmingham, AL area. They are designed to lift, level and stabilize settling concrete slab and interior walls.

Slab push piers are a type of resistance end-bearing pier because it does not require skin friction for support. The installation process is relatively quick with minimal set-up time. Our team of experts can help with your foundation problems. We'll find the best solution for your home's needs in Huntsville, Alabama and Tennessee. Contact us today for a free, detailed estimate.

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